Please fill up all entries in the form below. When you hit the submit button you will be presented a filled out form with blank entries for credit card details. Please print out the form, fill in the credit card details and fax it to (212) 932 9421. This is a fax number at Columbia University, USA, so you must prepend the appropriate internationaliztion code to the fax number if you are not from the USA. Please make sure to address the fax to Lourdes De La Paz (for SAPA 2004).
We will not be accepting credit card numbers etc. over the web for reasons of security. Attendees may also register on-site, at Jeju, on October 3rd. However, it is mandatory for at least one of the authors of accepted papers to register by July 20th. For accommodation information, please consult the ICSLP website

The registration fee is 50 US Dollars.

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ISCA requires that all attendees of the SAPA 2004 also register for ISCA membership. The organizers of SAPA will be bearing the cost of this registration on behalf of the attendees. Your answers to the following questions will help us minimize our expenses on this account.

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