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ISCA Tutorial and Research Workshop on
Statistical And Perceptual Audition
SAPA 2010

Saturday 25 September 2010, Makuhari, Japan
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Manuscript Formatting Instructions for SAPA2008

The review process for SAPA2008 will be blind: referees will not know the identities of the authors of the papers they review.  In accordance with this review format, authors must submit two copies of their paper, one blinded and the other unblinded.  The unblinded copy must include author names and affiliations, and may include an acknowledgment section. However, the blinded copy must not include the names of authors, and must leave the acknowledgment section blank. Any self-referential material, that enables identification of the authors or their affiliation should be avoided in the text. For instance, the following text  "In [9] we present an algorithm..." is unacceptable in the submitted manuscripts.

All manuscripts must be in English. All manuscripts must be complete and camera ready. Up to two additional media files may be submitted as supporting material; however papers must be written such that the reader is able to understand the contents fully without actually playing the media files. Although we will permit minor modification of the papers after review, major revisions or corrections will not be permitted. The submitted manuscript must therefore be in a state that is ready for publication, if accepted.

The submitted manuscripts should be formatted using the same templates etc. as for the main Interspeeech 2008 Interspeech submissions. The only difference is that papers for SAPA2008 may be up to 6 pages in length (the main conference allows only 4 pages). Please use the author kit from the Interspeech site above, which includes templates for LaTeX and Microsoft Word.

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