Re: .adf file conversions (Tom Carrell )

Subject: Re: .adf file conversions
From:    Tom Carrell  <tcarrell(at)UNL.EDU>
Date:    Sat, 17 Jan 1998 14:30:25 -0600

At 10:47 AM 1/17/98 +0000, you wrote: >Does anyone know of programs (preferably freeware) capable of >converting .ADF (audio-digital-format files-generated using the CSRE >program) to .WAV files. Thanks very Much > >Mitchell S. Sommers,Ph.D. You can find software to do just what you want at This page contains many of the programs we have developed at the Nebraska Speech Lab for TDT-based experiment control, stimulus construction, and file conversion. You will want two files from that page: and The first contains a program which converts between STM (Indiana), ADF (CSRE), AIF (Mac), WAV (MS RIFF), BIN, DAT (Sensimetrics), PCM (Haskins), NSP (Kay), 16-bit binary offset, and 12-bit binary offset files. The second program is a tool to create files of file names. These SSF files are used by Convert.exe (and other programs) so that you can convert multiple directories (or the parts of the directories you want) in one fell swoop. Both programs were written for Windows 3.1 but they work fine on W95. You will have to stomach 8.3 file names for now... The programs programs don't come with much documentation or help, but they are free. Tom Carrell Communication Disorders University of Nebraska tcarrell(at)

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