APU R.I.P. (Bob Carlyon )

Subject: APU R.I.P.
From:    Bob Carlyon  <bob.carlyon(at)MRC-APU.CAM.AC.UK>
Date:    Tue, 31 Mar 1998 18:31:52 +0100

As of tomorrow (1st April) the MRC Applied Psychology Unit will be renamed the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit. Please alter your records for the following APU (now CBSU) auditory scientists: Bob Carlyon Rhodri Cusack John Deeks Hedwig Gockel Johannes Lyzenga Christophe Micheyl For the time being, our email addresses will not change. We are still in the same building, with the same phone/fax number etc. This is NOT an April fools' joke! Yours cogno-neurally Bob ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dr. Bob Carlyon MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit 15 Chaucer Rd. CAMBRIDGE CB2 2EF England Phone: (44) 1223 355294 ext 720 FAX: (44) 1223 359062 email: bob.carlyon(at)mrc-apu.cam.ac.uk ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --

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