Phd. studentships: Connectionist Models of Musical Processes (Niall Griffith )

Subject: Phd. studentships: Connectionist Models of Musical Processes
From:    Niall Griffith  <niall.griffith(at)UL.IE>
Date:    Thu, 29 Jan 1998 10:29:58 GMT

Please post this to those who would be interested. Thanks. Connectionist Models in Computational Musicology etc. ----------------------------------------------------- Centre for Computational Musicology and Computer Music Department of Computer Science and Informations Systems University of Limerick Research studentships leading to a PhD. in: Connectionist Models in Computational Musicology, Computer Music or Cognitive Musicology Applications are invited from students interested in working towards a Doctorate in the area of Computer Music, Computational Musicology or Cognitive Musicology, developing models of musical processes using neural networks and related machine learning techniques (GA's, Reinforcement Learning). Initially students will register for a Master's by research and subsequently be re-registered for a doctorate. The student(s) will be supervised by Dr. Niall Griffith who has an interest in models that learn about musical structure and that can use what has been learned. Limerick is musically very active with the Irish World Music Centre and the Centre for Computational Musicology and Computer Music. The CCMCM offers a Masters in Music Technology. Current projects include a collaboration with members of the Irish World Music Centre and the Interaction Design Centre at UL in designing and implementing a "wired" dance floor that can track, represent and analyse dance steps. This project is ongoing and involves the floor as performance medium, a compositional and analystical tool and as a choreographic aid. Network models will be used extensively in this project and others. Applicants should have a 2.1 honours degree in a relevant subject (e.g. Music, Cognitive Science, Computer Science, Psychology), though experience and other qulifications will be taken into account. Programming skills are an advantage. If you are curious then please visit the following web sites at UL... /* CSIS home page /* Centre for Computational Musicology /* LiteFoot home page Contact: Niall Griffith, Department of CSIS University of Limerick. email: niall.griffith(at) Telephone: +353 61 202785 Fax: +353 61 330876

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