Re: speech/music (John Hershey )

Subject: Re: speech/music
From:    John Hershey  <jhershey(at)COGSCI.UCSD.EDU>
Date:    Wed, 8 Apr 1998 21:59:14 -0700

thanks. From: Neil Todd <todd(at)> >> >On the issue of the McGurk effect. There are three principal cues >> >for lip reading, lip modulation rate, maximum lip velocity and maximum >> >lip amplitude, all of which can be extracted from visual image flow, >> Could you cite the literature on this particular set of cues? >Summerfield, Q. (1991) Visual perception of phonetic gestures. >In I. Mattingly and M. Studdert-Kenedy (Eds.) Modularity and >the motor theory of speech perception. Lawrence Erlbaum: New >Jersey. >

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