Vibrato (David Huron - Conrad Grebel )

Subject: Vibrato
From:    David Huron - Conrad Grebel  <dhuron(at)WATSERV1.UWATERLOO.CA>
Date:    Thu, 9 Apr 1998 11:05:25 -0400

I have a graduate student who wants to carry out some experimental work related to emotional connotations evoked by various types of vibrato (speed, depth, onset-delay, etc.) Our preliminary literature search has not produced the sort of background literature we need to get started (apart from the old work by Seashore). Does anyone know of some classic papers that might get our literature review jump-started? ___________________________________________________________________ | David Huron, PhD 1866 College Road | | Professor Ohio State University | | School of Music & Columbus, OH | | Center for Cognitive Science U.S.A. 43210 | | Tel. (614) 688-4753 Fax. (614) 292-1102 | ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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