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Subject: Re: Pitch of a complex tone
From:    "Dr L S Smith (Staff)"  <l.s.smith(at)CS.STIR.AC.UK>
Date:    Wed, 4 Feb 1998 14:41:35 GMT

Dear Alexander: There are occasions when the phase can affect the timbre (and the = pitch too) when the harmonics are close together, so that they are = not resolved at the cochlea. Then the envelope shape (as perceived = at the hair cells) will depend on the phase (given 3 or more = harmonics).=20 See Smith L.S. Data-driven Sound Interpretation: its Application to = Voiced Sounds. pp147-154, in Neural Computation and Psychology : = Proceedings of the 3rd Neural Computation and Psychology Workshop = (NCPW3), Stirling, Scotland, 31 August - 2 September 1994, editors = L.S. Smith and P.J.B. Hancock. Springer Verlag: Workshops in = Computing Series, 1995 but an earlier (and better!) reference (which I was not aware of = when I wrote the above) is Moore B.C.J., Effects of relative phase of the components on the = pitch of three-component complex tones, in Psychophysics and = physiology of hearing, edited by E.F. Evans and J.P. Wilson, = Academic Press, 1977. --leslie smith Dr Leslie S. Smith Dept of Computing Science and Mathematics, Univ of Stirling Stirling FK9 4LA, Scotland l.s.smith(at) (NeXTmail and MIME welcome) Tel (44) 1786 467435 Fax (44) 1786 464551 www

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