Re: tapping device (Patrick Flanagan )

Subject: Re: tapping device
From:    Patrick Flanagan  <patrick(at)LAKE.COM.AU>
Date:    Wed, 6 May 1998 14:20:47 -0700

I know that my Laptop(Dell) touchpad keeps track of tap duration and = interval between taps, I am not sure about intensity, although it does = appear to work faster if I hit it hard! You could do a search for external touchpads for a power book. Here is one for a PC for example = with audio feedback Best regards, Patrick Flanagan Systems Engineer Lake DSP North America Ph: 213 993 4468 Fax: 213 993 4487 -----Original Message----- From: LAURA-LEE Balkwill [SMTP:balkwill(at)YORKU.CA] Sent: Wednesday, May 06, 1998 2:39 PM To: Multiple recipients of list AUDITORY Subject: Re: tapping device Dear list, I have designed an experiment which requires some sort of tapping device = that can be hooked up to a MacIntosh powerbook. I need to keep track of = tapping intensity, tap duration and interval between taps. Can anyone recommend = the appropriate hardware and software? --Laura-Lee Balkwill Psychology Department York University Toronto, Canada

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