Re: tapping device (Steve Slade )

Subject: Re: tapping device
From:    Steve Slade  <sgslade(at)OZEMAIL.COM.AU>
Date:    Thu, 7 May 1998 10:30:54 +1100

>Why don't you get a piezo trigger and something like the roland octapad? >It has sensitivity controls and can accept 8 external inputs >(meaning that you could make a small flat surface for tapping... I'd agree with Chris except to add that I wouldn't go near the early = Mark 1 versions of the Roland Octopad - they seem to have a bad habit = of sending out random Sys Ex messages when externally controlled, and = their MIDI note off control can be unreliable (i.e. you might hit the = surface once, but get any number of measured responses). Steve =80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80= =80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80 Steve Slade MMus Controller The I.T. Plus Group Brisbane, Australia + 61 - 7 - 3219 3677 (voice) + 61 - 7 - 3349 7867 (fax) sgslade(at) =80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80= =80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80=80

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