The vOICe Learning Edition ("PETER B.L. Meijer" )

Subject: The vOICe Learning Edition
From:    "PETER B.L. Meijer"  <meijer(at)NATLAB.RESEARCH.PHILIPS.COM>
Date:    Mon, 5 Jan 1998 09:31:05 +0100

January 5, 1998 Dear List, For those interested in cross-modal perception and audio-visual streaming, new software is available: The vOICe Learning Edition for Windows-95 / NT, version 1.0 beta (first test release). The vOICe video sonification software translates video from a digital camera (webcam) into sounds and presents these through an auditory display, targettting vision substitution applications. Hardware requirements: a webcam, a fast notebook PC, and headphones. See for details. Best wishes, Peter Meijer

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