speech synthesis ("McAnally, Ken" )

Subject: speech synthesis
From:    "McAnally, Ken"  <Ken.McAnally(at)DSTO.DEFENCE.GOV.AU>
Date:    Thu, 30 Jul 1998 15:43:06 +1000

Dear List, I wondow if any one could point me in the direction of how to produce shouting speech using a speech synthesizer. I have tried modifying parameters in DECtalk but the results have been rather subtle. Thanks in advance Ken McAnally ------------------------------------------------------------ Ken McAnally Air Operations Division Defence Science and Technology Organisation PO Box 4331 Melbourne 3001 Victoria Australia Phone:(03)96267251 Fax:(03)96267084 ken.mcanally(at)dsto.defence.gov.au ------------------------------------------------------------ Email to AUDITORY should now be sent to AUDITORY(at)lists.mcgill.ca LISTSERV commands should be sent to listserv(at)lists.mcgill.ca Information is available on the WEB at http://www.mcgill.ca/cc/listserv

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