Re: What's a compelling example of sonification? (John Lazzaro )

Subject: Re: What's a compelling example of sonification?
From:    John Lazzaro  <lazzaro(at)CS.BERKELEY.EDU>
Date:    Thu, 10 Sep 1998 10:42:42 -0700

> What would you tell them? What do you think are the potential "killer" app > that takes sonification out of the niche world into the mainstream? I read an interesting interview with a Wall Street guy the other day, he was saying that in "the old days" he could get a good sense of the "emotion" of a market by listening to nuances of the babble in his trading room, but in the modern era of computerized trading the room was relatively "unreadable". So maybe this is a killer app ... there's precedent for Wall Street apps to be breakthrough territory for new technologies, for example, one can make the case that neural-networks have found their most financially-successfull applications on the Street ... --john lazzaro Email to AUDITORY should now be sent to AUDITORY(at) LISTSERV commands should be sent to listserv(at) Information is available on the WEB at

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