Re: UNmixing Sources, i.e., The Cocktail Party Effect ("Richard J. Fabbri" )

Subject: Re: UNmixing Sources, i.e., The Cocktail Party Effect
From:    "Richard J. Fabbri"  <fabbri(at)NETAXIS.COM>
Date:    Tue, 20 Oct 1998 00:02:16 -0400

Jim, >>Several LISTeners have asked about the Stereo example I offered to >>Robert Bolia and Brian Gygi on 15 October. The following points >>by Robert and Brian both focus on the relative importance of >>"Spatial segregation" ... > >(big snip) > >Really? Who are "LISTeners"? ... What ? ... No sense of humor ! ... Haven't seen many equations in postings either ;-} > How do the rest of us hear these stereo examples? ... I guess by a minimal amount of work. ... Do you own a Stereo system ? ... The ("big snip") contained a list of the other equipment necessary .. 1) A "recorded book" 2) Two cassette tape players. 3) A (<$100) Stereo Mixer (Radio Shack) or, an Op-Amp and some resistors !!! >Does the Auditory List have an audio path all of a sudden? ... Sounds like a great idea ! ... But, would not have actually helped as you'll also need that stereo system with Loudspeakers (not headphones). >Is there a web page where these sounds can be downloaded? ... What sounds? ... I would not want to be accused of providing "trick" sounds! ... This experiment works with ANY two (2) NATURAL sounds. ... Sorry, but it doesn't "sound" like you actually read my email(?) since I plainly stated ... "What I'm about to describe has been auditioned using a great variety in the choice of source pairs. The most dramatic example of a source pair is a "recorded book" where ONE actor does ALL the reading and thus eliminates the question of any "special" advantage created by using two DIFFERENT voices." >This extremely long, kind of interesting post reads like an ad. I sincerely >hope that this method of "advertising" one's research does not become >popular on this list. ... Actually, it represents many hours of effort to make some new ideas quite clear. ... Maybe someone will decide to discuss them? ... If you try the experiment you'll see it's about as close as you can get to "sealing wax and string" and still do something interesting in 1998. >But, hey, I happen to have copies of all of Berlin, 1993 preprints, so I >can go back and check this paper out. ... If you can not, I'll send my latest edit as an Acrobat file. >Unfortunately, I doubt that very many other people on this list attended >that meeting. ... We all quote prior work and many authors in postings. ... But, since I am the author, I'd send the above Acrobat file to anyone who requests it. Regards, Rich Email to AUDITORY should now be sent to AUDITORY(at) LISTSERV commands should be sent to listserv(at) Information is available on the WEB at

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