Re: granular synthesis and auditory segmentation ("Richard J. Fabbri" )

Subject: Re: granular synthesis and auditory segmentation
From:    "Richard J. Fabbri"  <fabbri(at)NETAXIS.COM>
Date:    Tue, 20 Oct 1998 00:39:20 -0400

Pierre, >I agree with Jim Beauchamp -- it would be most instructive to refer the readers to your 93 AES text. ... I do apologize if I've left something out in my reference to the 93 AES paper. ... I assumed (sorry again!) that a search of the AES papers under my name would find ... - "Phoneme Recognition During a Cocktail Party" - Richard J. Fabbri - Scarce Ideas - Preprint 3553 (D3-3) - 94th AES Convention - 1993 March 16-19 ... I've discussed with Dan Ellis the idea of attaching an Acrobat file to a Posting and he advised to --- NOT --- do that as he thought such may appear as a huge binary file to some LIST members! ... Irrespective to what Jim mentioned, my posting was not an ad and, I do not have a Web Site from which to post the above Acrobat file ! ... I would certainly (directly) email the Acrobat file to anyone with an interest in reading this paper (and having the appropriate email app to receive a MIME, BinHex or Uuencode). >This would be expecially fruitful to those of us actually doing auditory segregation experiments along >the lines mentioned, even if ours is only lower-case research. ... What does "lower-case" research mean ? ... Does this refer to the vast resources of my 1-man company ? ... I admit to being a capitalist but, I've sacrificed much to maintain a "current" library and do this type of research on a personally funded budget. ... I DO have very modern resources such as the SHARC DSP and Mathematica but, I assure you, this is the result of careful planning and solid, multi-disciplinary training. Best Regards, Rich Email to AUDITORY should now be sent to AUDITORY(at) LISTSERV commands should be sent to listserv(at) Information is available on the WEB at

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