Purpose ("Richard J. Fabbri" )

Subject: Purpose
From:    "Richard J. Fabbri"  <fabbri(at)NETAXIS.COM>
Date:    Wed, 21 Oct 1998 04:22:15 -0400

Dear List, Why do you exist? What is your purpose? Does that purpose encompass all of acoustics & psychoacoustics? And, hold truth about Nature's evolved mechanisms as prime goal? Or, is the "form" in these communications of highest importance? While content is ignored and UPPER-case deemed a "belligerent" act? Surely expression of ideas - hard enough as that is - is permitted a range to create a sense of, and enthusiasm for, the new - especially if, during that process, the curtain lifts upon some new aspect of Nature. We certainly would never have had Richard Feynman lectures. Or, the tuned analogies of a Richard Dawkins. I find it near comical that the Precedence Effect, demonstrated to be a temporal (wave) "filter" in a very easily reproduced experiment, would incite wasteful, tangential discussions of UPPER-case and comments about length of text as if it were weighed-in as bologna (pun intended). These kinds of comments are reminiscent of the banter between a John Cleese and a Graham Chapman in an old MP episode. Or, the original Macintosh commercial were a runner flashes through a room of grey garbed listeners and throws a hammer at a room-sized image of The Leader. Thank you, Al Bregman for the comment ... "Here's hoping that people will continue to participate fully and not have to be inhibited by fear of criticism." I am rarely inhibited. Certainly not by criticism since criticism is feedback. But, I've still to read a critique of my "UNmixing Sources, i.e., The Cocktail Party Effect" posting since criticism implies references to content ! Rich McGill is running a new version of LISTSERV (1.8d on Windows NT). Information is available on the WEB at http://www.mcgill.ca/cc/listserv

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