thinkquest contest and soundery web page (vsummers )

Subject: thinkquest contest and soundery web page
From:    vsummers  <vsummers(at)EROLS.COM>
Date:    Fri, 4 Dec 1998 10:20:00 -0500

Dear List, An interesting webpage resulting from an interesting contest: =93ThinkQuest=94 is an annual international contest for teenage students to develop educational websites. Awards total more than $1,000,000. The grand winners this year were two high school students from the Washington, D.C. area who developed a page on sound and hearing (the =93Soundery=94). URL for the overall thinkquest contest is: URL for a brief article on this year=92s contest & winners is: x.html URL for the Soundery web page is: McGill is running a new version of LISTSERV (1.8d on Windows NT).=20 Information is available on the WEB at

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