NEWS: AES 16th International conference (Zacharov Nick NRC/Tre )

Subject: NEWS: AES 16th International conference
From:    Zacharov Nick NRC/Tre  <nick.zacharov(at)RESEARCH.NOKIA.COM>
Date:    Thu, 10 Dec 1998 16:17:51 +0200

*************************************************************************= *** *** AUDIO ENGINEERING SOCIETY AES 16th International Conference on SPATIAL SOUND REPRODUCTION April 10-12, 1999, Rovaniemi, Finland *************************************************************************= *** *** Welcome to AES 16th International conference on spatial sound reproductio= n, which will certainly be the "Coolest Conference in Audio"! Please check our web site for the latest information: URL: Latest updates: List of Invited and Accepted Papers (Oct 29th, 1998) Authors' Guide: Instructions and templates for preparing final papers (Nov 24th, 1998) Travel' Guide: Flights (Dec 2th, 1998) Travel' Guide (Dec 10th, 1998) Coming soon: Register: Registration details The conference will be held in the exotic winter wonderland location of Rovaniemi, Finland during April 10-12 1999. Located at the Arctic circle = at a latitude of 66=B0 33' North, this is the home of Santa Claus and his te= am in addition to the 3D sound and multichannel audio community for the durati= on of the conference. Participants of the conference can expect a packed technical and social program. The focus of the conference is on 3D sound and multichannel reproduction including developing technologies, test techniques. A total = of 50 papers will be presented at the event and in the proceeding, the detai= ls of which can be found in the paper's section. We are honored to have five Keynote speakers, who will kick off each of the paper sessions. A poster = and demo session will be held in the middle of the first day of the conferenc= e, allowing delegates to experience and discuss current and new technologies and visit the beautiful Alvar Aalto conference center. The conference fee includes three nights of accommodation in one of Rovaniemi's excellent hotels. A choice of two hotels is available for tho= se who prefer either a city location or the opportunity to downhill ski from your door and a view over Lapland. Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinners w= ill be provided are included and also the exotic banquette, to be held at an unforgettable location. All participants will receive a copy of the conference proceeding. Technical session: Perception of Spatial Sound Spatial Sound Reproduction, Applications Psychoacoustics & Binaural Auditory Models Binaural Technology: Theory and Implementations 1 Binaural Technology: Theory and Implementations 2 Multichannel Audio: Theory and Implementations 1 Multichannel Audio: Theory and Implementations 2 Subjective Evaluation and Listening Conditions for Spatial Sound ------------------------------------------------------------------------ WWW address: e-mail: aes16(at) fax: +358-9-460 224 CAMERA READY MANUSCRIPTS of accepted papers: By January 1, 1999 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Conference Chairman: Juha Backman Vice Chairman: Nick Zacharov Paper Chairman: Matti Karjalainen Secretary: Jyri Huopaniemi Helsinki University of Technology Treasurer: Kari Jaksola Laboratory of Acoustics and Audio Signal Facility Officer: Antti J=E4rvinen Processing Publication Officer: Martti Rahkila P.O. Box 3000, FIN-02015 HUT Publicity Officer: Henrik M=F6ller Finland Fax +358-9-460 224 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ McGill is running a new version of LISTSERV (1.8d on Windows NT).=20 Information is available on the WEB at

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